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🔮💰 Crypto Guru Drops Wild XRP Price Predict, but Is It Just Hype? 🤷‍♂️📈

🔮💰 Crypto Guru Drops Wild XRP Price Predict, but Is It Just Hype? 🤷‍♂️📈

Crypto wiz Shannon Thorp’s out here sayin’ XRP could hit a whopping $500! 🚀 Based on a report about the total value of cross-border payments possibly reaching $250 trillion by 2027, she’s feeling this bold vibe for Ripple’s coin.


📍 XRP to $500? 🤯

Thorp’s spilling the tea on Ripple’s 2023 New Value Report 📊, thinking that with more liquidity, XRP could become this global digital currency that moves in real-time. The research’s talking about expected cross-border payments blowing up to $250 trillion in four years, so Thorp’s like, XRP should be over $500 to handle that much cash flow. 🌊

> 🐦 From the 2023 New Value Report by #Ripple $250T is expected by 2027 just in cross-border payments! A $500 XRP price just doesn’t seem like enough to facilitate that amount. $xrp #xrpisnotasecurity — Shannon Thorp (@thorpshannon87) September 11, 2023


Some peeps commented, saying $500 seems like a dream when XRP’s chillin’ at $0.48 right now. 🤨 But she clapped back, saying she’s just talking banking moves, no payment or anything from Ripple.

> “I don’t do this for engagement, and I’ve said that since day one! I don’t have YouTube or any other bs platform to “shill” anything. I speak to what I see going on in banking, that is literally it. I’m not paid by Ripple, and I do not work for them.”


But here’s the real tea ☕️, if XRP hits $500, its market cap would be over $260 trillion – that’s 260 times bigger than the entire industry’s market cap right now! 🤯 Even during the last bull run when BTC hit $70K, the total market cap was about $3 trillion. So, this prediction seems pretty out there.


🔍 Ripple v SEC Update 🏛

The Ripple and SEC lawsuit’s def gonna play a part in XRP’s price. The value’s been all over the place with the case updates, getting a boost when the court was vibing with Ripple in July. 📈 But XRP lost that energy, dropping along with the overall crypto market, and now the SEC’s appealing Ripple’s win, slowing down XRP’s rise. 📉


So, is Shannon Thorp’s prediction just shooting stars, or could XRP really make such outrageous moves? Only time will tell! 🌌💫 Keep it locked to see how this unfolds! 🔒


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