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🚀💫Pepe Coin to the Moon? Or just space? What’s the tea? 🐸☕️

🚀💫Pepe Coin to the Moon? Or just space? What’s the tea? 🐸☕️

Bruh, the #pepe Coin selloff game is strong, and the charts are all like, “Nah, it ain’t going up for now.” The coin kinda took an L last week and things were looking shaky for September. 

Pepe Coin Price Vibes: It’s a Rollercoaster, fam!

Since August 14, Pepe Coin’s just been on that slide. 📉 The 4-hour chart from August 15 was all about that drop life. Our meme coin went down hard, and peeps were checking those Fibonacci levels to see where it’s heading. They saw the 23.6% and 50% levels chillin’ at $0.00000062 and $0.00000044. And FYI, that’s 6.7% and 33.7% lower than Pepe Coin’s vibe at that time.

The coin kept its not-so-cool mood in August, and the RSI was like, “Yep, it’s not good fam.” Not touching the neutral 50 since August 15 is kinda screaming it’s not a vibe. And OBV’s like, “Nope, no ups here.” Coinalyze’s 1-hour tea showed Pepe Coin’s price last week moving between $0.0000007 to $0.00000066.

So… Where’s Pepe Coin Heading? 🤷

Even though the coin’s been playing it cool, open positions have been popping since September 13. So, some bulls might be making their move soon, but who knows if that’s gonna push the price? Investors might wanna slide in if it hits the $0.00000074-0.00000078 range.

To sum it up, Pepe Coin’s not having its best moment. It’s been on a slide since August 14, those Fibonacci levels are holding it down, and we might see another 6.7% to 33.7% dip. Both RSI and OBV are like, “Yeah, it’s a downer for now.” 📉🤦‍♂️


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