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September 11. Tea for today.

September 11. Tea for today.

Good morning fam! 🌞

It’s September 11, and we’re kicking things off with our daily tea:


  • Dive into new quests on RabbitHole using the link. Plus, they’ve just rolled out Swap and Bridge features in collab with Socket. 🔗🐰


  • Secure that Mystery Box for finishing week two quests from zkLink on Galxe. The OATs snapshot went down on September 10th.


  • There’s a fresh vote poppin’ off from Arbitrum on Snapshot for the $ARB hodlers. Deadline: September 18th, so don’t sleep! ⏰💸


  • Heard through the grapevine that the hype wave for is starting to swell. We gotchu with a fresh batch of invites. Grab ’em at the link! And don’t forget, we have a chat for mutual follows where you can exchange your codes. Peep our Patreon for the lowdown on the project.


Keep it 100 and let’s grind! 💪🚀


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