CashNews: Crypto peeps, Big Hacks and XRP

Crypto peeps are all 🐻 rn as Bitcoin is chilling above $26K; DOGE and XRP taking the biggest Ls 📉.


So, according to CoinDesk, Bitcoin’s hovering around $26,000, and everyone’s feeling bearish vibes. 🤔 Data’s hinting at some growth after the 2024 halving vibes. Short-term talks are all about more dips, maybe to $23,000, says FxPro, but the long-term vibes are pretty optimistic! 🚀


XRP and Dogecoin are kinda leading the drop, both down by about 4% in the last 24 hours 📉. Ether is doing a bit better, down just 0.9%, as the whole market’s feeling the dip, falling by 1.1%. Only APT, LINK, and IMX are catching those gains, each up to 6%.


CryptoQuant is saying Bitcoin’s vibes are aligning with past cycles, likely to be consolidating until the 2024 halving and might blow up after 🚀. This aligns with the history, where Bitcoin’s price took off post-halving, an event that goes down every four years. Next one’s predicted for April 21, 2024.


2023’s Big Hacks 🚨:

Mixin Kernel took the biggest hit with a $200M loss 🤯. PeckShield reported this year’s significant breaches, with Mixin Kernel’s incident on September 23, 2023, setting a new record for the year, emphasizing the need for stronger cybersecurity vibes 🛑.

This year has shown that we need tighter security in the crypto world. The Mixin Kernel incident is causing everyone to rethink and up their security game in response.


Ripple’s Price Vibes:

CryptoPotato’s saying XRP’s price has been steady after a big crash. 👀 It’s testing a crucial area, and how it reacts is gonna set the mid-term market trend. If XRP breaks the average, it’ll test the $0.55 resistance zone. But if it faces a bearish vibe, prices might drop towards the $0.43 support or even lower. 📉


Against BTC, XRP’s fate is even more up in the air, stuck between supports and resistances. If the market breaks the 50-day average, around the 2000 SAT mark, the crypto might rise toward the 2200 SAT resistance level. But if it breaks down near the 1850 SAT area, it could continue bearish toward the 1600 SAT level in the coming weeks.