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2023 Bitcoin Ownership Update πŸ”₯

2023 Bitcoin Ownership Update πŸ”₯

How many peeps you think are on that $BTC wave? πŸš€ Dive deep into how big fish πŸ‹ feel ’bout the market swings and the evolving vibe of long-term $BTC ownership. And oh, those altcoins? Even though there’s like 10k+ of ’em, they ain’t really touchin’ Bitcoin’s throne. Our main dude, Satoshi Nakamoto, keepin’ it 100 with a market cap over $500 mil.


So like, everyone’s asking: who’s HODLing Bitcoin these days? πŸ€” Using some legit deets from Glassnode, let’s break it down:

– $BTC Wallets = Major Glow Up: 2023 kicked off with Bitcoin chillin’ at about $17k, and now it’s vibing between $25-30k. And guess what? More peeps are jumpin’ in! But like, how deep is this Bitcoin squad?

– BIG News from May 2023 πŸ“£: Glassnode’s tweet on May 17th showed Bitcoin addresses poppin’ off at a new record: 12,051,18. But here’s the catch: they only counted the homies with more than $BTC 0.01. So, there’s def more than 12 mil Bitcoin gang members out there, but some of those tiny balances, or “dust”, ain’t counted.


What’s the Short-Term Deets?

Remember the rough times in 2019? $BTC took a hit from $11k to barely $6k, and those with $BTC 0.01 felt it. But 2022 was a mood, steady growth and no biggie even with the FTX drama and $BTC dropping 25% of its clout. 2023 started lit with $BTC prices jumping from under $20k to almost $30k, and more folks hopped on the bandwagon.


Whale Watch πŸ‹

Let’s talk big spenders. Wallets with 1k+ tokens are a whole different story. While the little guys keep growing, these whales? They’re vibing on another level. Glassnode’s tweet on May 17th showed these whales were feeling themselves, hitting a five-month high of 1,686. But here’s the tea: whales are more in their feels, buying and selling based on the current mood. They’re not quite back to their pre-FTX flex.


To Wrap it Up 🎀 Drop:

Smaller wallet crew is all in, not even phased by big market drops or wild stuff like the FTX mess. They’re out here breaking records! But the whales? They’re a bit more shook, watching those market waves closely. Even with their recent flex, they’re still not topping their pre-FTX game.


Stay woke, fam! πŸ’ŽπŸ™ŒπŸ”₯


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