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Beyond the Bitcoin Hype: Altcoins ain’t Dead Yet! πŸš€

Beyond the Bitcoin Hype: Altcoins ain’t Dead Yet! πŸš€

Look, everyone’s been wildin’ about turning crypto (like, mainly Bitcoin) into the next big thing. Remember when peeps were calling BTC the ultimate scam? But then Elon’s all like, “Hey, what about DOGE?” and David Marcus (yeah, the PayPal and Lightspark dude) wants to use the lightning network to turn Bitcoin into everyone’s go-to currency.


Caught some major Bitcoin fanboy vibes from Jason Pizzino’s tweets today, no cap. I respect Jason, he’s on point with his takes on SPX, BTC, and real estate, but man’s missing the bigger picture when it comes to altcoins.


Just ’cause Jason’s vibing hard with Bitcoin doesn’t mean we should sleep on altcoins. Trust, I’ve been there, done that. Sold all my DOGE in 2019 ’cause someone said they weren’t the future. Flash forward to 2021: Bitcoin’s popping, but DOGE? That pupper’s on the moon. πŸŒ• And plenty of altcoins are showing mad promise too.


Okay, not saying every altcoin’s gonna blow up, but a bunch from 2020/21? They’re setting the stage. Some will even leave BTC in the dust.


We get it, during the lows, having Bitcoin feels like a cozy blanket. But when things go parabolic? Bitcoin ain’t the only star of the show.


Not throwing shade on all Jason’s future takes, but this ain’t my first rodeo. We’ve got coins that flop (looking at you, NXT) and those that rock. AI coins? They’re getting the spotlight now, especially with the AI hype. And meme coins? They keep crypto fun.


Straight up, putting all your chips on one color (or coin) ain’t it. Bitcoin’s dope for the long game, and so’s ETH and some others. But if you got that eagle eye and can connect the dots, altcoins, both new and OG, are where it’s at.


At the end of the day, roll with your own gut. Win or lose, you’ll learn the game. Been burnt by crypto? Same. But it’s all lessons, right? And one thing’s for sure, being all in on just one thing? That’s a big nah from me.


Not saying to dump everything into altcoins, but don’t sleep on them. This bull cycle? Altcoins are gonna make some serious waves. 🌊πŸ”₯


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