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CASH NEWS: Burned $4.5 million. DODO and YGG. Bitcoin Bull Run.

CASH NEWS: Burned $4.5 million. DODO and YGG. Bitcoin Bull Run.

Ethereum Crew Baffled by Mysterious $4.5M Ether Vanish


In a head-scratcher move, some unknown player named nd4.eth just torched 2,500 ether ($4.5 mil), and the Ethereum gang is scratching their heads, trying to figure out why.

Word on the block is that Ethereum folks were caught off-guard when user nd4.eth dropped 2,500 ether ($4.5 mil) into a burn pit on July 26. This news got everyone’s attention, and the crypto fam is spinning theories about this seemingly random play.

A few peeps from the squad playfully clapped for nd4.eth for flexing Ethereum’s muscles, co-signing that “Ethereum’s Ultrasound Money” talk. The big brain behind Wildcat Protocol, Laurence Day, joked that we should be giving nd4.eth a shoutout for adding to the narrative.

Now, in crypto lingo, burning is like yeeting tokens out of the game forever, usually by chucking them into an unspendable void. It’s often a move to slim down a token’s supply, but the motives behind this burn dance are still foggy.

Lookonchain’s data wizards pointed out that nd4.eth isn’t just any Joe – they’re holding stacks of GMX tokens (34,287, to be exact, worth $1.84 mil) and Gains tokens (311,003 of ’em, worth $1.43 mil). They also threw 1.5 ETH, 34.9 GMX, and 600 GNS (around $7K total) into the same fiery pit.


DODO and YGG Tokens Rocket After Binance Futures Scoop


DODO and YGG tokens are sky-high thanks to Binance’s new 1-20x futures deal; whispers of the market-making maestro DWF adding to the mix.

Yo, peep this: Binance dropped a bomb about launching 1-20x futures for DODO and YGG tokens, and it set those crypto rockets on fire. DODO shot up over 30% in an hour, and YGG caught the same vibe. Some folks are thinking DWF, the trading whiz, might’ve had a hand in stirring this pot. It’s like a flashmob of price action, proving that big exchange announcements can set off some major crypto fireworks.


Bitcoin Bulls Ain’t Tired Yet – Bloomberg’s Got the 411


Hold up, fam – Bloomberg’s Jamie Coutts says the Bitcoin bull party is just getting started, as the major players are stacking sats like there’s no tomorrow, and long-term holders are flexing with 74.8% of the total Bitcoin stash.

Check it – Bloomberg’s Jamie Coutts, the go-to oracle, sees Bitcoin big shots stacking up, and he’s calling this the tip-off for the bull run. The true believers, aka “residents,” hold almost 75% of all Bitcoin, and since 2020, a solid 30% found a cozy spot in cold storage. The blockchain’s buzzing too, with daily transactions revving four times higher than the 2021/22 average of 100K.

But peep this – even though Bitcoin’s known for its wild rides, the volatility’s gone missing. Investors feeling less turbulence is a vibe. It’s like a combo punch: stacking gains, steady hands, and calmer seas. Time to ride the wave and boost those Bitcoin vibes, baby!


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