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CashNews: Allseated, CoinShares and CoinSwitch

CashNews: Allseated, CoinShares and CoinSwitch

Yo fam, peep this tech tea! 🍵


💸 Allseated’s Big Moves: They just secured a cool $20 mil and are splitting off their metaverse squad. If you don’t remember, they started in 2011 helping venues show off their spaces virtually. Just last year, they dived into the corporate metaverse game, and it’s been a wild ride since then.


📉 CoinShares Feels the Dip: Digital asset vibes ain’t great. Last week, crypto investment products took a $168 million hit, the biggest since March 2023! BTC and ETH felt it big time, losing $149 million and $16.8 million, respectively. August? Well, that’s a whole other story with a $278 million dip.

😓 CoinSwitch Says Bye to Some Homies: Market’s rough, and CoinSwitch, a crypto exchange from India, had to let go of 44 peeps from their support crew. They still got 82 champs in customer support, and have been beefing up their tech and compliance team since April. Before this, they were rollin’ deep with about 640 in their squad.


Stay woke, y’all! 🚀📲


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