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CashNews: Binance in Brazil,, Bitcoin Bull Run and YouTube vs. AI

CashNews: Binance in Brazil,, Bitcoin Bull Run and YouTube vs. AI

Yo fam, here’s the latest scoop ๐Ÿ“ฃ:


Binance Just Dropped Binance Pay in Brazil

Straight from Binance’s blog: Binance just rolled out Binance Pay in Brazil to make crypto payments for the local peeps a breeze. Since it first popped off in 2021, Binance Pay has over 12M active peeps and racked up over $98 billion in payments. They’re vibing in Brazil, Latin America, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. And btw, Latam Gateway is taking care of biz in Brazil and making sure everything’s legit. is Making It Rain with $2.5M in Less Than 2 Weeks

CryptoPotato spilled:, a decentralized social platform, just threw around $2.5M at its users in like… less than two weeks. Some insider info from Delphi Digital reveals that the top ten crypto influencers got about 391 ETH ($650k-ish). Our boy Cobie, a huge crypto account with over 737k followers, snatched the top spot by earning 80 ETH from selling parts of his profile. Some other names on the leaderboard: HsakaTrades, Racer (the brain behind, FaZe Banks, Zhusu, RookieXBT, and Nadeshot. The platform has this whole bonding curve thing which lets you sell even when no one’s buying, making it a win-win. Oh, and they take a 10% cut on each transaction โ€“ half goes to them and half to the user.


BTC Still on Fire Even with the Recent Price Dip

Cointelegraph’s tea: The Realized Cap HODL Waves (RHODL) metric is hinting that BTC’s rise ain’t stopping even after the recent 10% price dip. Philip Swift from LookIntoBitcoin is pretty sure this dip is just a vibe check and we’re still on a bull trend. The RHODL metric has been on point in predicting BTC moves, and currently, it seems like short-term holders are a bit salty since their coins are not doing so hot.


YouTube’s Plans with AI in the Music World

The latest from Cointelegraph: YouTube just dropped their blueprint for jamming with the music industry using AI. Neal Mohan, the head honcho at YouTube, spilled in a blog post about how they’re diving into AI the right way. They’ve got three major rules in mind to keep everything cool. Oh, and they’re kicking off a ‘Music AI Incubator’ to keep things fresh. They’re linking up with some big names in the music game, like Max Richter and Rosanne Cash. But here’s the real talk: Even though AI might help in the creative process, it ain’t gonna replace the human touch. The CEO of the Grammys and Universal Music are both feeling the same vibes. And, the Grammys even said that AI-made tracks might get some love in their awards. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŽถ


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