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CashNews: C Capital, Brazil’s AI and Temasek

CashNews: C Capital, Brazil’s AI and Temasek

Yo, here’s the tea:


C Capital’s Got That Bag Secured Again πŸš€

So, Foresight News spilled that C Capital, run by the big shot Adrian Cheng from Hong Kong New World Group, just wrapped up their third major money moves sesh. They raked in over $250 million from all sorts of investors – we’re talking fam funds from Asia-Pacific, Europe, you name it. Oh, and they’re vibing with blockchain, supporting brands like Animoca. Last August, Adrian was flexin’ with his collection of 101 Azuki NFTs (talk about goals). And word from Bloomberg in September was that C Capital was eyeing a cool half a billion for investing in blockchain and more. Ben Cheng, the other boss man at C Capital, is all about that crypto trade life.


Brazil’s AI Bill Gets a Makeover πŸ’‘

Cointelegraph says Brazil’s Senate peeps (CTIA) are giving Senate Bill No. 2338 (all about AI rules) a major checkup. Senator Rodrigo Pacheco introduced it back in December 2022, and it’s all about protecting rights and boosting tech innovations with AI. They’ve got 15 sessions planned, with some public ones, to dissect and possibly tweak the bill. Senator Astronauta Marcos Pontes, the Commission’s VP, is a lil’ concerned about the bill maybe slowing down Brazil’s AI game. The chat around AI rules is super hot right now, even big tech execs in the U.S. are hopping in.


Temasek’s Head Honcho Wants Crypto to Level Up πŸͺ™

Pradyumna Agrawal, the big kahuna at Temasek, hit up Token2049 in Singapore, telling everyone crypto needs to step up its game. He’s saying there’s a need to vibe with the unique needs of both regular Joes and big institutions when it comes to crypto. Agrawal’s all about managing those digital dollar risks and is eyeing challenges faced by banks and stablecoin peeps. He’s hyping up new crypto tech that could be a game-changer for everyone. But remember, Agrawal’s also like “stay in your lane” with all those KYC and AML rules. His vision? A killer crypto world built on rad fintech solutions and crypto pioneers. πŸš€πŸŒπŸ”₯


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