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CashNews: Curve Finance. Red Alert on BNB. WrappedFriend Drops.

CashNews: Curve Finance. Red Alert on BNB. WrappedFriend Drops.

Curve Finance Spills the Tea on Chainlink Oracle Vibes 🍵  

Curve Finance hopped on to clarify: their ‘lift Chainlink oracle restrictions on crvUSD’ proposal? Nah, it ain’t about centralization drama. They’re just trying to keep those algorithmic prices steady and avoid wild swings, according to their Twitter clapback.


Red Alert on BNB Chain: Sketchy Contract Alert! ⚠️🔗 

Yu Xian from SlowMist’s dropping some major caution: There’s a sus contract address on BNB Chain. Before y’all panic, just double-check if you’ve authorized your assets to this dodgy contract starting with 0x751. Need to investigate? Slide into tools like and Rabby Wallet for quick checks and cancels. FYI, here are the deets on that shady contract: 0xE2A178C2C5C4920C1b2B947A35edDb4f8EcBb7dD and 0xB88457b62491CBcEc42203672cFcb4269bd64c7e. Open-source? Nah. But tear it apart and you’ll spot a sneaky backdoor that can snatch authorized assets.


WrappedFriend Drops: Get Your Personal Crypto Flavor! 💸🎨 

WrappedFriend’s here, and they’re about to unleash their front-end magic. Ever dreamed of having your own custom ERC-20 token? Dream no more! Craft tokens with your fave names and symbols. Want to unwrap ’em? You can. They’re rocking a factory model to keep liquidity smooth, and every shared address gets its own unique ERC-20 contract – even if multiple peeps mint. Wanna get the standard ERC-20 deets? Pop your friendtech addy into the ‘getFriend’ spot under Read Contract. 🎉🔗


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