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CashNews: Cypher Win. SEC and ETF Futures. Yuga Labs.

CashNews: Cypher Win. SEC and ETF Futures. Yuga Labs.

Buckle up, fam! We’re diving deep into today’s most sizzling crypto news. Cypher’s getting a slice of their stolen funds back, the SEC’s making waves with potential Ether futures ETF approvals, and there’s some NFT tea brewing between Yuga Labs and OpenSea SeaPort. Ready to catch up? Let’s dive in! 🚀🌊🎨


 Decentralized Exchange Cypher Gets a Win  🚀

Yo fam! So, Cypher, that dope decentralized exchange on Solana, just spilled that they’ve managed to freeze around $600K of the crypto that got yoinked. The catch? To get that coin back, they gotta vibe with these centralized exchanges (CEXs) and wait for the police to drop some orders. If you remember, Foresight News dropped the tea back in August that Cypher got hacked and lost close to $1 mil. Wild times, right?


 SEC Could Green Light Multiple Ether Futures ETFs at Once  📈

Wall Street Journal is buzzing with news that a bunch of Ether futures ETFs might drop together. Word on the street? The US SEC could let a bunch of ETFs that track ether futures launch all at once. Volatility Shares is hyped to launch its own Ether futures ETF on October 12, trying to be the first of its kind in the US. Ever since the SEC peeps told fund managers they’re down to look at these apps in July, there’s been a mad rush to file. But, heads up, no promises that any Ether futures ETF will actually launch.


 Yuga Labs Drops OpenSea SeaPort Over New Policy  🎨  

Foresight News spilling more tea: Yuga Labs ain’t here for OpenSea SeaPort anymore. Why? ‘Cause OpenSea decided to make royalty payments for NFT sales on second-hand markets an “optional” thing starting February 2024. So, Yuga’s like “nah” and is cutting support for all upgradable contracts and new series on there. Drama in the NFT world, y’all. 🔥


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