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CashNews: Maximum Pain of BTC and ETH, Unknown Wallet with 54.3 TUSD and Israeli Fraud

CashNews: Maximum Pain of BTC and ETH, Unknown Wallet with 54.3 TUSD and Israeli Fraud

BTC & ETH: Still Not Hitting the Feels Ahead of a Whopping $2.7B Options Ending


Deribit’s droppin’ 72,000 BTC and 535,000 ETH options vibes this Friday 📅. CoinDesk’s got the tea 🍵: Even though BTC and ETH have had some gains lately, they’re still chilling below the “ouch” levels. Meaning? It’s gonna sting for those holding options when they expire this month. The pain meter? $28,000 for BTC and $1,800 for ETH. Yikes.

Here’s some crypto chit-chat for ya: peeps think the big players try to nudge the main price towards the “ouch” level to make option buyers big-time losers. How? By either buying or selling the crypto on the spot or future game.

Got some insider info from Lin Chen over at Deribit: a ton of those options are looking good 💸. But most of the ETH call options? Meh, not so hot, probably ’cause of that 8.3% dip last week. BTC’s got the same vibes, especially after a 10% tumble – the most dramatic since the FTX oopsie in November.


$54.3M TUSD Just Popped Up Outta Nowhere 🤷‍♀️

Whale Alert’s blowing up! 54.3 million TUSD got minted in some mystery wallet. Odaily News is like, “Hey, that’s some big coin energy right there!” Everyone’s super curious about who’s behind this and what they’re planning with all that TUSD.


Moshe Hogeg Drama Alert 🚨

Foresight News spillin’ ☕️: Moshe Hogeg, the dude who got side-eyed for playing fast and loose with ICO funds in 2018, is now getting called out by the Israeli police. They’re saying he played a $290M scam game, involving fraud, theft, money drama, and tax stuff. Now the ball’s in the Israeli prosecutor’s court. Stay tuned for more deets!


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