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CashNews: Polygon’s, CoinEx and Immix

CashNews: Polygon’s, CoinEx and Immix

Polygon’s Big Boss Talks ZK-Proofs and Ethereum Upgrades


Yo fam! So, Cointelegraph just spilled that Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon (yeah, the co-founder!) is hyped about pouring a cool billion to boost Ethereum with zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proof) tech. He was spitting facts at the Token2049 conference in Singapore, chatting about “Polygon 2.0” and how this ZK-proof magic is gonna change the blockchain game.


He kinda threw some shade comparing Web2 and Web3 – saying Web2 is the old-school info internet with unlimited power, while Web3’s where the real value’s at. For Web3 to really pop off, it’s gotta level up big time. Sandeep’s hinting at some rad tech that’ll let different blockchains link up and share their info fast. Think: super-fast cross-chain moves in just a few secs, faster than Ethereum’s norm. And guess what? Big blockchain names are totally here for it.


Just so you know, Polygon dropped their zkEVM beta in March 2023 – it’s all about giving devs the tools to make faster and cheaper smart contracts than what Ethereum’s got now. They also rolled out a fancy Chain Development Kit, helping devs create and plug into Ethereum’s world.


CoinEx Hack Drama: Stolen Cash Hits $55.5 Mil


Big oof! MistTrack just dropped some news – the CoinEx hack’s even worse than we thought. We’re talking $55.5 million gone. 😱 They found some more sneaky hacker accounts, which pushed up the total cash stolen. If this ain’t a wakeup call to step up the crypto security game, I don’t know what is!


London’s Immix Grabs $2.7 Mil for Their Crypto Game


Hey, check it out! Immix, a London-based crypto startup, just secured a neat $2.7 million in seed cash. MassMutual Ventures led the way, and Ripple even chipped in. Immix is gonna use that coin to juice up their trading platform and make their market tools even more legit. Started as a crypto hedge fund, now they’re into super-secure trading for the big players. We see you, Immix! 💸🚀


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