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CashNews: XRP, Shiba Inu and BTC

CashNews: XRP, Shiba Inu and BTC

Alright, fam, here’s the tea โ˜•:


XRP’s Big Moves are Poppin’

Yo, so the Whale Alert squad spotted this massive shift of 425 million XRP coins (like, $213M worth!) from Bitvavo to some mystery wallet that’s kickin’ off with r4fxv. Deja vu moment? Cuz just on September 2, another big fish with address starting with rp6J swiped about the same amount. Some peeps from Odaily are also chattering about this other whale, rK3P, who’s been playing pass-the-parcel with 427 million XRP since August 20.


Shiba Inu’s Got News!

According to CryptoPotato (and not the veggie), the Shiba Inu gang is doing the most! They dropped Shibarium (their new layer 2 thing), faced some tech drama, and then rebooted it with some help from our guy Sandeep from Polygon. Shytoshi Kusama, the main dev dude, spilled some updates. He’s all like, “WBone’s good to go”, and the Blockscout Explorer thing’s up on Shibariumscan. As for Shibaswap? They’re chilling on it for a bit to let other tokens vibe. Oh, and get this: some whale shifted a whopping 4.64 trillion SHIB coins (worth about $38M) just last month. Kusama also shared some next moves, and it’s all pretty lit!


BTC Dips on Centralized Exchanges

Last up, some hot stats from Cointime. Exchanges used to be holding onto mad stacks of Bitcoin (BTC), but that’s so 2020. They had 2.828 million BTC back in September 2020, but now? It’s just 2.024 million BTC. Some blame the FTX bankruptcy drama in 2022. Anyways, from May 23, 2023, peeps have been pulling out their Bitcoins like crazy from these platforms. The Bitcoin stash almost dropped below 2 million, but in the last few days, it kinda bounced back a little.


Stay woke, peeps! ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒ•


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