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CasnNews: Aztec, About Binane and THORChain

CasnNews: Aztec, About Binane and THORChain

Aztec Drops Sandbox for Some Smart Contract Privacy Moves


Yo fam, Foresight News is spilling the tea! 🍵 Aztec, known for its privacy game using ZK Rollup, just dropped a local dev testnet named Aztec Sandbox for that smart contract privacy. This Sandbox version is pretty much the ultimate playground – giving devs a quick and light local Aztec node that’s kinda like Ethereum’s Ganache or Anvil vibes. Plus, it’s not just a local node thing, devs also get some sick tools and frameworks to craft and test those smart contracts. 🔥


CZ’s Tweeting the Real Deal About Binance US Money Drama


CZ, the main man behind crypto giant Binance, hit Twitter to set things straight about some cash moves related to Binance.US. He was like, “The cap on here… they got it all twisted.” Clearing up the cloud of rumors, CZ flexed that he was the one droppin’ the loan, not pocketing it as some article claimed. The tea? CZ slid $250 mil to BAM (Binance US) a while back, totally opposite to what that article was saying. And just to clear the air, he hasn’t taken back that loan, so y’all can drop those scammy vibes.


Balancer Bad Guy Swaps Ethereum for Bitcoin via THORChain


Check this! Foresight News and PeckShield caught some Balancer hacker dude trading around 14.5 Ethereum for roughly 0.868 Bitcoin through THORChain. The Bitcoin address that caught the coin (rockin’ that bc1qt8 start) then sent it over to another bc1q2h starter address. Some detective work shows that this second address had some chit-chat with a bc1q94 address that was playin’ shady in the drama. And guess what? The FBI is pointing fingers at the Lazarus Group for that mess. 🕵️‍♂️🚨


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