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Crypto Security: A Guide for Newbies

Crypto Security: A Guide for Newbies


So you’re thinking about diving into the world of crypto, right? 🚀 But with all the buzz, you’re probably wondering, “Is it safe?” Safety is mega key when it comes to crypto investments, especially with bitcoin and others that can be a bit…mysterious.

Here are some tricky things you should know:

1. Crypto’s like learning a new language – kinda hard at first. 🧠
2. Your typical money gurus and brokerages? They might not be riding the crypto wave yet. So, you gotta DIY and figure out where to buy, trade, and store your coins. 🔍
3. The ups and downs of crypto can make anyone catch FOMO and maybe forget about safety checks. 😰
4. With all these new apps and tools, there are more chances for baddies to mess things up and grab your coins. 🚫

According to a 2023 report from Chainalysis (crypto detectives, basically), 2022 was wild, with a whopping $3.8 billion taken in hacks. In October alone, about $776 million got stolen in just 32 attacks! 🚨

And guess what? DeFi targets, like exchanges and bridges, were on top of the hit list. We’re talking big money here.

But remember, everyone’s at risk. Even when the market’s down, scammers are winning. Peep the chart below – they snagged around $5 billion!

As more peeps jump onto the crypto train, it’s a given that scammers will try to get in on the action. But, don’t sweat. There’s a game plan for that!

Your Crypto Safeguard List 🛡️

1. If someone promises you the moon without any risks, run! Promises of “guaranteed returns”? Nope.
2. Trust, but verify. Dive deep into your research. 🔍
3. New tokens with mysterious leaders? Sus.
4. Random emails or DMs selling you the dream? Think twice.
5. Had a killer trade? Cool, but maybe don’t blast it everywhere. You don’t wanna become a target.
6. Got a weird email with links or downloads? Click delete. 🗑️
7. Keep your passwords close and unique. And get on that two-factor authentication (2FA) life. 🔐
8. Don’t hand over full control of your accounts to anyone or any app.
9. Gonna trade on an exchange? Stick to the OGs with solid reps like Coinbase, Kraken, or Gemini.
10. Spread your crypto wealth. You wouldn’t stuff all your cash under a pillow, right? Consider hardware wallets or even cold storage to keep it safe.

Happy crypto journey! Stay smart and safe out there! 🚀🌕🔒

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