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Crypto Top 5 to Keep on Your Radar

Crypto Top 5 to Keep on Your Radar

🚀 Crypto Top 5 to Keep on Your Radar: TON, XDC, XLM, SNX, PEPE 🚀


Quick Deets:

– TON is absolutely crushing it – up by 29% this past week, no cap.

– XDC? That’s up almost 10% from the last week. Go off, XDC!

– XLM just shot up 10% in a day! We stan.

– SNX doing its thing with a 5.4% glow up in a week.

– And don’t sleep on PEPE, fam. Up by 4% in a day.


The whole crypto scene’s been kinda wild lately, and BTC? She’s kinda going through it, teetering around that $25k mark. But even with the drama, some coins are totally thriving.


🔥 Deep Dive:  

  1. TON (Toncoin)  

The baby of Telegram, TON’s been the star crypto lately. We saw it skyrocket by 29% in just a week. No more whale transactions? No prob. Smaller players are jumping in and the vibe’s all decentralized. TON’s market cap? A whopping $6.5 billion, making it 11th on CMC. That’s wild!


  1. XDC (XDC Network)  

Originally the XinFin Network, XDC’s a kinda hybrid blockchain deal that’s seen a solid 10% rise in the past week. Trading at $0.057 now, but could it hit $0.935? We’re here for it. CMC ranks it 45th with a market cap of $790.6 million.


  1. XLM (Stellar)  

Stellar’s been around since 2014 and is, no lie, a major XRP contender. It’s grown by 5.01% this week, but wait for it… jumped 10.41% in just a day! Ranking 21st on CMC, this bad boy might just reach $0.1965. Watch out!


  1. SNX (Synthetix)  

Ranked 4th in performance, SNX soared 5.4% this week and a wild +11% in the past day, even with the market acting all sus. It’s all about DeFi liquidity and being the backbone for some major protocols. Sitting pretty at $2.22, but could it double soon? Eyes peeled!


  1. PEPE  

The lil froggo coin that could. Despite some shade thrown its way since its April launch, it’s been hopping up, gaining 4% in a day. Ranked 91st on CMC, PEPE’s charts are looking hella strong. If it keeps above $0.00000081, who knows where it’ll leap next?


🚨 Quick PSA: This is just the tea as we know it. Cryptos are wild af, so always do your own homework and be smart with your 💰.



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