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Elon Musk Spills: X (Twitter’s New Name) Might Make Users Drop Some Coins 🤑💸

Elon Musk Spills: X (Twitter’s New Name) Might Make Users Drop Some Coins 🤑💸

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The world’s richest dude, Elon, who’s forever stirring the pot, is talking about putting up a paywall to yeet those pesky bots outta here.

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So, here’s the scoop: Elon Musk, the main guy behind X (Twitter’s glow-up name), is low-key hinting that he might make everyone drop a few bucks to slide into X. Why? To give the boot to those annoying bots, duh!


Spilling the beans to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, Elon’s like, “Might make users pay a lil’ something every month to keep it chill on X.” For now, Twitter’s got that boujee X Premium service that’s like $11/month in the US (if you’re team iPhone) and £11/month for our UK peeps.

Elon Wants to Make X a No-Bot Zone 💁‍♂️🚫🤖

Our guy Elon, never shy with the hot takes, thinks making people pay to use X might have bot makers saying “nah.” He’s all, “Creating bots is cheap rn, like, legit pocket change.” But if he hikes it up to “a couple of bucks,” bot peeps might think twice since they gotta whip out their card every time.


BTW, he didn’t straight-up say X is gonna start charging for sure, so we’re all just here waiting for the next episode of ‘What’s Elon Thinking?’

Elon and X’s Drama: Ads, Paywalls, and More 🍿

Chatting with Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu, Elon dropped some X stats: 550 million peeps hopping on monthly and a whopping 200 million tweets daily. Pre-Elon era (before 2022), X had a different vibe, counting 238 million active users who saw ads.

And, speaking of ads, X’s ad money has taken a hit – big yikes! Apparently, ad dollars are down 60% (an advertiser boycott because of… well, Elon things and some messy content on X).


They also got real about free speech and anti-Semitism. Elon’s all for speaking your truth, but he’s super against hate. PM Netanyahu’s like, “Find a balance, dude, and keep the hate out.”

Heads up: Don’t take this article as gospel, okay? It’s just info – not pro advice or anything. 🤷‍♀️📜🚫


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