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Hottest Crypto Airdrops Coming Your Way in 2023. Part 1.

Hottest Crypto Airdrops Coming Your Way in 2023. Part 1.

Yo, squad! Airdrops, you’ve heard of ’em, but not everyone’s got the 411 on how to score ’em. So, let’s break it down. This week, we’re diving deep into the most lit airdrops of 2023. We’re dropping 3 articles, spilling the tea on over 10 airdrops you gotta hustle for to stack that crypto cash.


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Time to kick things off!


Here’s the lowdown:


Airdrops 101

So, check it – crypto projects love hooking peeps up with free tokens. It’s like a digital goodie bag to get folks hyped about their stuff. Airdrops are all about introducing you to the project and giving you a piece of the action. And guess what? You can totally increase your chances of getting in on the airdrop action.


Early days of airdrops were about spreading the word and dishing out tokens for simple tasks. Fast forward, and now it’s all about rewarding the pioneers and big contributors. We’re talking next-level stuff, like Uniswap’s epic airdrop in 2020. And each year since then, we’ve seen some epic drops:


– OpenDAO’s SOS tokens to NFT traders on OpenSea in 2021

– BAYC’s Apecoin airdrop for NFT art holders in 2022

– Optimism’s OP token airdrop on Ethereum Layer 2

– Aptos’s airdrop to early adopters

– 2023’s off to a blazing start with the Arbitrum airdrop


But wait, there’s more! We’re about to give you the inside scoop on potential airdrops this year. Remember, it’s speculative, so no guarantees. Ready to roll?


MetaMask: Your Wallet BFF

MetaMask, the OG wallet of the crypto world. It’s like your VIP pass to the blockchain. You can store keys, trade, and dive into those dApps. They’ve leveled up with swaps, staking, and more. And guess what? A MetaMask native token might drop soon. Get in on the action by using their features, like swaps, bridges, and staking.


​​By the way, if you still don’t have a MetaMask wallet, we have a guide on how to create one. be sure to check it out.


Layer Zero: The Cross-Chain Hero

Layer Zero, the bridge between blockchains. Think of it as the crypto intercom, connecting different blockchains like never before. They’re bringing the whole crypto universe together, and there might be an airdrop in the mix. Get ready by engaging with Layer Zero projects, like Stargate. Stake, vote, or use that bridge to get in on the action.


Starknet: Zero-Knowledge Magic

Starknet, the zero-knowledge Layer 2 wizard. They’re making wallets smarter and cooler with account abstraction. Imagine smart contracts for regular folks – it’s like magic! Starknet’s dropping a token, and you could be part of it. Score by using the Starknet wallet, bridging funds, and jumping into their dApps.


Alright, fam, that’s the scoop on the hottest airdrops of 2023 in our 1st part. Get ready to level up your crypto game and secure those sweet rewards. Stay tuned for more lit updates! 🔥🚀


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