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Hottest Crypto Airdrops Coming Your Way in 2023. Part 2

Hottest Crypto Airdrops Coming Your Way in 2023. Part 2

Aight, so like, the day before yesterday, we spilled the tea on the first three must-do airdrops if you’re lookin’ to stack some crypto cash. But yo, don’t trip – we got a Patreon where we’re droppin’ step-by-step airdrop guides. You’ll be vibin’ with the crypto wave in no time.


Just remember, stay locked into our site and subscribe wherever you spot those two magic words: cashcrue.


Alright, fam, let’s keep this mini-marathon rollin’ and check out more game-changing airdrops in 2023.


Scroll: Zero-Knowledge Layer 2 Flippin’ the Script on MEVs with L2 Mining

Hold up, Scroll’s in the house with that zero-knowledge Layer 2 swag. They’re all about boosting Ethereum while keepin’ things private. Using a slick hierarchal zero-knowledge proof setup and L2 mining, they’re combatting those negative MEVs. And peep this, Scroll’s all about linking dApps across different chains, makin’ room for some dope strategic partnerships. πŸš€

Why an Airdrop is on the Horizon

As a Layer 2 player, there’s a chance Scroll’s droppin’ a token for protocol power, just like Arbitrum, Optimism, and zkSync. No official deets yet, though.

Boost Your Airdrop Chances

Ready for some Scroll action? Get in on their Alpha Testnet. Join the Scroll guild, hit up Uniswap on the testnet, and explore other dApps. Scope out our Scroll guide for the full scoop.


Sei Network: Layer 1 Blockchain Tuned for Trading

Meet Sei Network, the Layer 1 blockchain built on Cosmos that’s all about makin’ exchanges shine. They’ve got the goods for reliability, scalability, and speed – all the good stuff DEXs need. Picture this: native order matching engine, wicked-fast finality, and epic frontrunning protection. They’re bringin’ a whole new game to the table.

Why an Airdrop is in the Mix

Sei Network’s testnet’s been unleashed, and they’re spreadin’ the love with rewards. They’ve set aside 1% of their tokens for early birds and testers. Get those points by crushin’ testnet missions, and the token love will come your way.

Boost Your Airdrop Game

Dive into those testnet missions and rack up points. The more you hustle, the sweeter those rewards.


zkSync: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Hittin’ Up Layer 2

Yo, zkSync’s redefining the game with Layer 2 magic. It’s like a turbo boost for Ethereum – faster, cheaper, and still super secure. They’re all about bringin’ that next-level security while keepin’ those transactions fly. And guess what? A token might be on the horizon.

Why an Airdrop’s in the Cards

Word on the street is zkSync’s cookin’ up a token. While they’re buildin’ a dope ecosystem, they might need a token to keep things poppin’.

Boost Your Airdrop Chances

Here’s the deal – dive into zkSync’s ecosystem and give their products a spin. Be part of the zkSync2.0 testnet crew or use zkSync 1.0 like a true trailblazer.


ZigZag: Decentralized Swag on zkSync

Yo, if you’re all about that zkSync life, ZigZag’s got you covered. They’re bringin’ a decentralized exchange vibe to the scene. Picture this – they’re all about that order book action, no AMM games here. And guess what? There’s an airdrop in the mix.

About ZigZag

ZigZag’s got a slick order book exchange goin’, and they’re doin’ it on zkSync. They’re takin’ it up a notch by movin’ to zkSync 2.0 for those upgraded vibes.

Why an Airdrop’s Droppin’

ZigZag’s already on it with their native token. They’re showin’ love to the community with an airdrop, and it’s gonna be decided by the ZigZag DAO. Get ready for those rewards, peeps!

Boost Your Airdrop Game

Get in with the ZigZag crew and show some love on zkSync. Those who’ve been in the game longer might get some extra love from the airdrop.


Airdrops are all for today, bro. wait for the third part, it is already close.


There you have it – more epic airdrops on the horizon. Get ready to level up your crypto game and secure those sweet rewards. Keep it locked for the next drop! πŸš€πŸ’°


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