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September 13. Tea for today.

September 13. Tea for today.

Hey fam, good morning! ☀️

Guess what? It’s September 13th and we’re kickstarting the day with some fresh updates, just for you:

  • Ayyy, Galxe’s going all out with a mega campaign celebrating the Scroll integration, partnering up with some cool crews like Pheasant Network, Symbiosis, IZAR, Owlto, Satori, SpaceFi, and Orbiter. This bash is lasting three weeks, and week one’s already lit with six partnerships on board! 🔥
  • Big news, the Manta Network’s launching the Alpha Mainnet. We were vibing in the testnet earlier, check out the deets in the article.
  • Guess what? The squad at Brine secured a hefty $16.5 million bag from Pantera Capital and other big names. We’ve been grinding in the testnet and mingling in the Starknet ecosystem. Catch those $SALT points for trading on the platform and tackling other gigs.

Let’s get this bread! 🚀✨


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