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September 15. Tea for today.

September 15. Tea for today.

Yo, good morning fam! ☀️

It’s September 15, and here’s the tea for today:

  • Omnisea just hopped on the Zora network and dropped an NFT mint to celebrate. Mint those NFTs, then bridge ’em to another network.
  • BNB Chain’s got some news – they’re launching the opBNB mainnet and got this dope quest going on called “The odyssey from testnet to mainnet.” Slide over to their site and start grinding those tasks. And hey, there’s also a quest on Layer3. Hit up the article on Patreon for the 411.
  • Fuelet spilled on Discord: if you’ve been grinding those seven-week missions and made it to week eight, you’re in for a treat! You can snag the “Fuelet Magister” role in Guild. We broke it down in our guide earlier.
  • Need a domain?’s got you. 3 months, just a dollar. Don’t sleep on it, though – offer ends September 18.
  • Heads up! Safe (you know, used to be Gnosis Safe) is vibing with zkSync Era now. Get more into zkSync by creating a safe on their site. Dive into the article for more tea.


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