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September 18. Tea for today.

September 18. Tea for today.

Good mornin’ fam! ☀️

It’s Sept 18th, and here’s the latest tea 🍵:

  • Goerli’s outta here and Holesky’s coming in to fix that token drama. There’s a glitch holding it back, but you can shift your Goerli to Sepolia – peep Orbiter, for instance.
  • Linea’s dropping a new vibe called Linea Voyage: Dencun Upgrade. Wanna rep the brand as an ambassador? Fill out their form and show off those Linea NFTs. Heads up, deadline’s on Sept 30th.
  • zkLink’s Summer Tour is in its 4th week, and it’s lit! Keep grinding those Galxe quests and snag some OAT while you’re at it.
  • Game on, peeps! Sign up for HYTOPIA’s Beta. The buzz is real, with big-time influencers all over it.
  • Earn Alliance is serving some major collab energy with 16 partners. They’re dropping an NFT minting spree for three weeks. Check it: Earn Alliance is all about that gamer life in Web3, backed by a cool $4.75 mill from giants like CoinFund and Animoca Brands.

Stay woke and catch you on the flip! ✌️🚀


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