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September 22. Tea for today.

September 22. Tea for today.

Good morning! ☀️

It’s September 22, and we’re kickin’ off the day with some updates:

  • has dropped a browser version of their app and now, it’s up for grabs on all devices. 
  • Slide into the waitlist for Pirate Nation on their site. The game is being crafted by Proof of Play, who bagged $33 mill from funds led by a16z.
  • Dive into new quests on zkSync at RabbitHole through this link! Heads up, daily quests are poppin’, plus there’s an option to use Swap and Bridge features from Socket.
  • Across Protocol is launching a new campaign where we can mint some NFTs on zkSync (keepin’ those wallets warm) on Galxe.
  • C3 Protocol has sent out the mails and the testnet is live. We chatted about it in an update. Reminder: The project raked in $9.6 mill from Jump Capital, Two Sigma Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and some others.
  • Week two of the campaign on Galxe to celebrate Scroll integration is on! This week, we got quests from Vooi, OpenOcean, and Rubic.


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