September 25. Tea for today.

Good Morning! 🌞

It’s September 25th, and here’s the daily update to start your day with some crypto vibes:

  • The 5th week of the Summer Tour event by zkLink is 🔛! Keep completing those quests on Galxe and grabbing OAT. If you were in the game last week, go claim your bonus box on Galxe. 🎁
  • We’re vibing with the ambassador program by Wirex [Link here]. 💼 The squad’s promising pay in the project’s tokens. 🤑 Peep the details in the post.
  • Hashverse is dropping an event with 1 million $HFT. 🚀 You can earn points and NFTs by leveling up your character. Get involved on the official site by following the guide.
  • Go register on the site and get in on the Zealy campaign by Logarithm Finance. 📈 They’re all about decentralized liquidity and market-making protocols. You can also join the Guild squad. 🤘
  • RabbitHole added a bunch of new quests [Link here]. 🐇 Don’t sleep on the daily quests and check out the new Swap and Bridge features by Socket. 🔌


Stay lit and keep grinding! 🌟