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September 3. Tea for today.

September 3. Tea for today.

Good morning ☀️

It’s September 3rd, and here’s our update to kickstart the day:



  • Offchain Labs (the folks behind Arbitrum) have rolled out a new testnet named Arbitrum Stylus. You can give it a whirl by adding the network to Metamask, claiming some $ETH in the Sepolia network from any faucet, and then transferring it over to the Stylus network via the bridge.


  • Grab your NFT on the Base network at Layer3. It’s up for grabs if you’ve completed the first quest of the Onchain Summer campaign.


  • Mint an article from Philand on Mirror. Once you mint the NFT, you’ll be able to claim a new item on the site. Heads up, the deadline is September 20th.


  • Get in the festive mood and mint a celebratory NFT from Guild on the Zora platform. Just hop on their site, connect your wallet in the Zora network, and mint away your NFT.


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