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Why We Might Need to Wait Two More Years for the Next Bitcoin Peak 🚀

Why We Might Need to Wait Two More Years for the Next Bitcoin Peak 🚀

So, back in November 2021, Bitcoin hit a crazy peak at $69,000, and it’s been 22 months since! Figuring out when the next Bitcoin peak will hit is almost as crucial as guessing what it’s gonna be. 🤔 Analysis is hinting that the next high could roll around by the end of 2025, but history is kinda suggesting it might take a sec. 


### Back in Time 🕰

After peeping at past peaks and dips, a sorta pattern comes out. Three dips happened like clockwork, 47 months apart – January 2015, December 2018, and November 2022. And the 49- or 47-month gaps between the past three peaks (November 2013, December 2017, and November 2021) are pretty close. 


If we keep riding this trend, we might see the next Bitcoin peak in Q4 2025 and a dip in October 2026. 💹 It’s like a common vibe among investors to think market highs and lows are just cycling. 


### The Halving Theory 📉

Bitcoin has this ‘halving’ thing every four years, which slashes the reward for mining new blocks (aka new Bitcoin) in half. Thanks to this, Bitcoin’s supply is capped at 21 million coins. 🚫 If supply cuts down and demand is chillin’ or going up, prices should bounce up. 📈


The year post-each #halving has been Bitcoin’s golden time. The next halving? That’s expected in April 2024, pointing to an all-time high at the end of 2025.


### Will the Next Peak Be a New Vibe? 🤷‍♂️

We love using past data to predict future moves, but remember, history doesn’t always repeat; it sorta echoes. 🔄 So, past patterns don’t always play out the same way. Tech advancements, big economic vibes, and changes in rules can all shake things up. 


For the first time, Bitcoin is vibing in a market full of inflation and interest rates. This means peeps might have less money to throw around, hitting its liquidity. 📉 Plus, a lot of peeps might drift towards savings or bonds, offering more stable and attractive returns. Keep an eye out, crypto fam! 🧐


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